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We’ve put together some projects and recipes that you can not only use on a daily basis, but also make with items from your closet or pantry.

Part after a bit of polishing work.

Easy Parts Polishing For Better Performance

Most common firearm platforms have multiple pages worth of aftermarket upgrade parts available. Some, such as any Glock, Ruger 10/22, or AR-15 have enough options to build an entire gun that does not have a single factory part left inside. However, before laying down some hard-earned cash for something like a new trigger, a little parts polishing work can help smooth things up enough to raise eyebrows.   Our goal with polishing is not to...

Smooth Polished Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

Smooth Polish and Season Lodge Cast Iron For Vintage Performance

  Cast iron cookware has been popular for hundreds of years, in both the kitchen and the woods. The material is very forgiving of mistakes and will even help keep your food warm after cooking. Lodge Cast Iron does a solid job of producing cost competive, made in the USA products such as skillets and dutch ovens. However, one feature that is missing from this newer cast iron cookware is a machined smooth cooking surface....

Emergency File Backup – Help Your Data Survive a Disaster

The data saved on most household computers is more valuable and difficult to replace than the computer itself. It is not uncommon for people to do their banking, taxes and even run a family business off of their home desktop or laptop. Home computers often house the music, movie collections and family photos that used to take up space on living room shelves. This is why you need to start creating your emergency file backup...

Winter Vehicle Emergency Kit

With snow in Washington DC piling up at a rate of an inch an hour today, it is a good time to check your vehicle’s emergency kit or start making one. If a blizzard dumped ten inches of snow on the roads while you were at work, what options do you have right now? How bad would it be if you had to spend a night or two in your vehicle or at the office?

waterproof storage tube

How To Make a Hard Case

A waterproof hard case is one of the easiest ways to make sure items like maps, important papers and small electronics survive accidents and are available when you need really need them. Store bought maps like USGS Topographical Quads can be pretty durable, but last a lot longer with proper care. Home printed maps are less expensive, but are also fragile if printed on plain paper with an inkjet printer. Also, as modern electronics get...

Pantry Protein Bites

Pantry Protein Bites

Combine 4 common pantry staples, plus raisins or nuts if available, and you have a high protein snack made from long shelf life ingredients.