Make Char Cloth The Easy Way

How To Make Char Cloth, The Easy Way

How to make char cloth is a common survival question. Char cloth is a very traditional fire starter which, according to some, has been around since before the middle ages. It is commonly used as the tinder in spark-based fire starting methods, such as with a ferro rod or flint and steel. Char cloth does not burst into flame, but will easily turn into a red, slow-burning ember with just a spark. This makes it...

Best Gun Cleaner and Lubricant Products

The Best Gun Cleaner and Lube Options

There are lots of magic formulas and snake oil in the world of firearms. While these marketing departments try their best to make a product stand out from the crowd, most are repurposed industrial chemicals. If applied correctly, all these years of experience from industry can benefit the gun community. Most of the things that I’ve had the chance to use over the years, from Hoppes to CLP to cherry-scented grease worked from well enough...

Part after a bit of polishing work.

Easy Parts Polishing For Better Performance

Most common firearm platforms have multiple pages worth of aftermarket upgrade parts available. Some, such as any Glock, Ruger 10/22, or AR-15 have enough options to build an entire gun that does not have a single factory part left inside. However, before laying down some hard-earned cash for something like a new trigger, a little parts polishing work can help smooth things up enough to raise eyebrows.   Our goal with polishing is not to...

Show Show 2023

Best of SHOT Show 2023

SHOT Show 2023 is in the bag with a week of walking up and down convention center isles to see the latest and greatest gun-related stuff for the coming year. The crowds were back this year as well after last year’s light attendance. So, here is our list of “Best of SHOT Show 2023” with some of the most interesting items that we found. Not all of these are from the big, elaborate booths on...

Mantis BlackbeardX

Mantis BlackbeardX Review – Data-Driven AR-15 Practice

    If you have ever watched a shooter drop a field of plates like a well-oiled machine and thought, “Man I wish I could do that” then Mantis’ BlackbeardX is a tool worth considering. But, if your plan is to be the person who only takes their AR-15 out of the safe every few years to wipe away the dust, then this is not the training tool for you. Putting in just a little time...

Lonely 350 Legend Ammo Boxes

350 Legend Review… As A Survival Rifle?

  A few weeks ago I wandered past the sporting goods section of the local big-box store and saw that they had 350 Legend ammo in stock. Actually, the only ammo that they had in stock was 350 Legend and these same boxes have been sitting there for quite a while now. So, I started to wonder if a case could be made for the 350 Legend as a survival rifle.     Right off...

Supply Chain Survival - Empty Shelves

Survival / Prepping JumpStart – Get Ready For Supply Shortages In A Hurry

Our bumpy future is becoming clear to more and more folks as inflation and empty spaces on store shelves become the norm. While some folks have been getting ready for years, there are many people who are starting now and want to get prepared as quickly as possible. We have simplified all the research that goes into preparedness down to just a few solid choices for each topic so that you can do something today...

Shot Show 2022

Best of Shot Show 2022

After a bit of quiet time, the Shot Show is back in Las Vegas for 2022 and somehow eon-o1Ouhas-https:0icky header-mobile-sticky hu-fa-not-loaded hueman-3-7-25 chrome">