Food – Long-Term Storage

Mountain House
The classic supplier of freeze-dried meals in both cans and pouches.
Daily Bread
Another long-term food storage option in #10 cans.
Wise Food Storage
A long-term food storage company that offers meals in pouches and buckets.
Harmony House
They carry a wide variety of dehydrated and freeze-dried ingredients.
eFoods Direct
They offer mylar pouches in totes or #10 cans of long-term storage and emergency food.
Food Insurance
They offer short-term food in mylar bags and long-term food storage in #10 cans.
Prepare Wise
They offer a variety of food kits made out of meals in mylar foil pouches, packed in buckets.


Lodge Cast Iron Cookware
With a cast iron skillet and a dutch oven, you should be able to cook almost anything.
Trail Cooking
An excellent site for recipes and ideas on how to make your own meals in a bag.
Nimblewill Nomad
The Nimblewill Nomad Little Dandy is a woodburning stove that you can make yourself from the included instructions.
This little stove/pot combo is one of the most efficient canister stoves around for heating up water.
Kelly Kettle
This is one of the classic water-heating stove designs.
Backcountry Boiler
The chimney-type boiler stove but modernized.

Water Storage and Filtration

Reliance Products
Reliance makes a wide variety of commonly available water storage containers, mostly in the one to seven-gallon range.
Water Bob
Water Bob’s namesake is a big plastic bag that goes in a bathtub to turn it into a 100-gallon water storage tank.
Nalgene makes a wide variety of durable water bottles, with the 32oz wide-mouth being the one most commonly seen.
Katadyn manufactures a wide variety of water filters, including both handheld and countertop models.
Mountain Safety Research makes a few water storage and filtration products designed for backcountry use.
Potable Aqua
These are the little iodine or chlorine tablets that you add to water to kill the bad things in it.
Aquamaira produces a variety of water filtration and purification products.


An online store that specializes in single-serving size and travel-sized products. They have a little of everything.
AntiGravity Gear
They carry an assortment of lightweight and often very reasonably priced cooking gear.
Geocaching, for those not familiar, is basically an organized treasure hunt game with your GPS. It is an excellent way to get outside, explore the area where you live, and figure out how your GPS works. Kids have a blast doing it, as well.

Computing Resources

A free backup storage space, that can be accessed from all kinds of devices, and can be kept private or shared. Accounts start with 2GB and can be upgraded from there.
Portable Apps
A wide variety of free computer programs can be easily run off of a USB flash drive.
An excellent and free image editing program, with lots of neat add-ons that can turn it into a “Free Photoshop Lite”.
A free program that does the same basic work as Microsoft Office.
Ubuntu is an operating system that can replace Windows and is an excellent way to breathe new life into older, slower computers without dumping money into them.
A fairly priced web hosting provider with excellent service and support.

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