Survival Gear Deals

Survival Gear Deals

Here are some of the more interesting preparedness and survival gear deals that we can find for Black Friday week as the world keeps getting crazier. This is a good time of year to stock up or play a bit of catch-up if you’re not quite where you want to be in terms of preparedness.

Palmetto State Armory is trying to win the Black Friday sales wars this year with a long list of firearms deals including stripped AR10 lowers for $79.99, complete AR10 lowers for $199.99, Federal 5.7×28 ammo for 67 cents a round, Fiocchi or CCI Blazer 9mm for 28 cents a round and ALG AKT-EL AK triggers for $49.99. The house brand AAC 5.56 ammo has still not gone up in price, if you can catch it in stock, which is very respectable. 

Aero Precision is running 30% off of everything for Black Friday and 40% off of Solus Tools. This is a good way to turn the spare parts from your parts box into a complete AR15 project. If you dig down to the bottom, you might already be halfway there, assuming KeyMod makes a comeback.


Ballistic Advantage has 35% off sitewide and 40% off complete uppers as their two best deals.


My Medic has 25% off First Aid Kits and 50% off Ready Kits if you are not going to build one from scratch. They also have free gifts that stack, starting with a $100 order. The training that comes with some of the kits 


EMP Shield has 8% off of two units and 12% off of three. They have models designed to protect your house, vehicle, solar panels, and radio rigs. It looks like this stacks with the $20 off on the home unit, as well if you put multiples in your cart.


Brownells has 15% off your order for most things that are not ammo or complete guns. The Black Friday code this year is BF15.


If your closet has room for a few more #10 cans, Augason Farms has a tiered discount of up to 40% off $500 orders with code SAVE40. The lowest level is 20% off any order with code SAVE20. Their pancake mix is a family favorite with our kids over any of the grocery store stuff that we’ve tried.

Sportsman’s Warehouse has a few good deals with a bit of digging, such as Aguila 22LR for a nickel a shot in 500-round boxes online. There is also a doorbuster special on Lodge cast iron, Lodge Wildlife 5 Piece Set for $69.99 if you are willing to wait in line on Friday morning. If you do, check out our write-up on how to polish and season your cast iron to make it work like a vintage pan.

 Natchez is running free shipping if you spend $100 with code FS231123. The highlight of their sales so far are the discounts on Hornady and RCBS reloading gear like a Rock Chucker Supreme for $149.99.

Magpul is running free shipping on orders over $50 and free hats, pistol cases, sunglasses, or bipods depending on the size of your order.


Tandemkross has Free Shipping, a free Christmas Ornament that you’ll have to hide on the back of the tree, and stacking daily deals. 

 AR500 Armor has two good Buy One Get One Free deals for plate carrier rigs if you can team up with a buddy or keep one, gift one. There are a few different plate and carrier options that you can mix and match within the bundle if your buddy is picky, left-handed, or doesn’t like cardio.

 We The People Holsters has 25% off of everything and free shipping for folks in the USA if you use the super secret code HOLSTER. Their leather belts are also buy one get one free and tactical gun belts come with two free mag carriers. Sadly, these discounts did not stack when we tried them.

Amazon has some interesting solar panel and “solar generator” deals. The Jackery Solar Generator 1000 and two 100W solar panel bundle is $899.00 with a free carrying case stacking promotion. This model uses lithium-ion batteries. However, the EF Ecoflow Delta2 bundle is at the same price point and has similar specs, but with an upgrade to lithium iron phosphate batteries. The Anker Solix C1000 bundle is also $899.00 with similar specs, as another good LiFePO4 option. If $3679.00 is within budget, then the Bluetti AC300&B300 bundle really steps things up with two 420W solar panels and 3072Wh of storage. Adding more B300 batteries can step this up to 12288Wh of storage.