Emergency Information & Cards – FEMA has put together an excellent PDF form that you can fill out and save or print to organize all of your personal emergency information.

Child Cards – These are cards that you can fill out and then fold up to keep in your child’s wallet/purse/backpack for all of their personal emergency information. It would be a good idea to tape the edges of the folded card and put a $20 bill inside for your child to use in emergencies, as well.

Lessons From Katrina and Rita – This report from the Victoria Transport Policy Institute takes a look at failures in the emergency response to hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Law Enforcement Lessons Learned From Hurricane Katrina – Researchers from The University of South Carolina put this report together, which evaluates the lessons learned from hurricane Katrina.

The Pandemic Influenza Preparedness, Response, and Recovery Guide – This is the Department of Homeland Security’s guide for businesses to help prepare for pandemics.

Preparing Workplaces for an Influenza Pandemic – Along similar lines to the last document, this is OSHA’s guide to pandemic preparedness for businesses.

Social Distancing as a Pandemic Influenza Prevention Measure – This paper from the National Collaborating Centre for Infectious Diseases is a review of recent literature related to social distancing as a method of dealing with flu outbreaks.

Interim Pre-pandemic Planning Guidance: Community Strategy for Pandemic Influenza Mitigation — This is the CDC’s community level guide for limiting the spread of pandemics in the US.

Pandemic Influenza: Quarantine, Isolation and Social Distancing – The Colorado Department of Human Services put together this field manual for dealing with pandemics.

Rapid Activation of Social Distancing – This journal article published in BMC Public Health tests the effectiveness of social distancing at stopping a pandemic when it is started early

First Aid Kit Planning Guide – This guide will help you put together your own first aid kits that are tailored for your location, budget and needs. The goal is to have some basic supplies that will let you treat common problems that arise in emergency situations.