Midwest Industries Offset QD Scope Mount Review

Midwest Industries QD Scope Mount


Adding optics is an easy way to take your AR15 to the next level in regards to range and accuracy.  The Midwest Industries Offset QD Scope Mount, MI-QD30SM-BLK, is one of the best designed quick detach mounting systems that we have seen. It is a solid solution for locking a 30mm optic to your top rail.


Scope Mount Locking Leaver


The MI Offset QD Mount has clearly been created with durability in mind. The base of the mount and bottom rings are machined from a single piece of 6061 aluminum. This makes it impossible for the rings to be misaligned relative to the base or knocked loose during use. This is a key consideration for a survival or hard-use rifle.


Locking Leaver Adjustment


Also, the quick detach levers are designed with locking tabs to prevent them from being accidentally bumped open. When fully closed, the “teeth” on the spring-loaded tabs drop into slots machined into the levers to hold them securely shut. Removing the mount is just a matter of pushing the “button” end of the tab before flipping the levers open and then lifting the mount off the rail.


QD Scope Mount Grease


The levers were dry out of the package, so I gave each one a touch of krytox grease which really showed how smooth the assembly can function. We’ve reviewed this grease in the past and still think it is the best thing going. When used to lube the moving parts on something like the MI Offset QD Mount, it should be a “one and done” type application.


Midwest Industries QD Scope Mount


When installing the MI Offset QD Scope Mount on an AR, the first task is to get an idea of where the mount will need to sit on the top rail so that you have proper eye relief. One trick is to first remove the top rings and put them somewhere on your bench where they won’t wander off. Then, place the mount on your AR’s top rail and set the scope on the open rings like a cradle. This makes it really easy to move both the scope and mount forward or back until you have a clear image that fills the end of the eyepiece while minimizing the black ring around the view. 


Vibra-Tite Scope Ring Screws


While the top rings are off, I like to put a dab of Vibra-Tite Threadmate on the screw threads before reinstalling. This is a step up from Locktite for this kind of application, as it helps prevent the screws from shooting loose, but does not make them a pain to remove for adjusting the scope. Since Vibra-Tite does need a couple of minutes to dry before use, doing it now saves a little wait time later.


Midwest Industries QD Scope Mount Adjustment


Once we’ve found where the mount is going to live on the rail, we need to adjust the levers for that position. If the levers close with no resistance at all, then they are too loose. But if they close about 90% of the way shut before you have to apply additional force, that is about right. To adjust the tension, remove the mount from the rail. Then, unlock the lever and squeeze it towards the rail so the nut on the other side sticks out. Turning this nut to the left will loosen the lever and to the right will tighten it. The nut is an octagon, so each 1/8th of a turn is an adjustment position that will allow the nut to be held in place by the sides of the mount. Go slow when testing, as small adjustments can be just enough to make a difference when dialing in the tension.


Midwest Industries QD Scope Mount


Once both levers are adjusted, put the scope back onto the mount and secure it with the top rings. Re-adjust the position of the scope for the proper eye relief that we found earlier and level the reticle before tightening.  The rings can be tightened using the included 9/64 hex key. I like to get everything eye level and hand tight, then take the rifle to the range to verify the settings. It is much easier to spot the need for minor adjustments when you are in position on a target 50 or 100 yards downrange. Once everything has been checked and dialed in, torque the rings to right about 15 in/lbs, unless your scope manufacturer says otherwise. It is best to use a Inch/Pound Torque Wrench which should absolutely not be confused with the more common foot/pound variety used on pickup trucks and barrel nuts.



In testing, when moving the mount between ARs, we did find that there can be some variability in the sizing of the top rail between manufacturers. While remounting to the same rifle was perfectly repeatable, moving between different ARs could require a little tightening or loosening of the adjustment screws. If planning to regularly move the mount between rifles, then marking settings on the screws with a paint pen can save a little time. This also opens up the option of buying one nice scope to use across multiple rifles. In short, this setup is a joy to shoot. Both the Lucid L7 and MI 30MM QD Scope Mount are available on Amazon.



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