HiperFire EDT2 Trigger – An Easy AR Upgrade


The stock trigger that comes with most factory AR15s does its job, but is often described as “heavy”, “gritty” or “rough”. Thankfully, if you ended up with a less than ideal set of parts, swapping out for a new, aftermarket unit like the HiperFire EDT2 trigger is pretty darn easy. For most owners, this is a task that does not even require the aid of a gunsmith and can be knocked out in about fifteen minutes. It is time well spent, as a nice trigger can increase accuracy and make shooting more fun.


There are dozens and dozens of aftermarket AR15 triggers out there. Some are specialized for target shooting, others for 3-gun or national match competition. However, when considering trigger characteristics for an emergency preparedness type rifle, reliability figures very heavily into the mix. This could be the only firearm at hand and might be needed for anything from dealing with angry dogs in the backyard to junkies kicking their way through the front door. So, when the trigger is pulled, it needs to go “bang” every time.

HiperFire EDT2 Trigger Comparison

Just switching out to a trigger with less powerful springs for a lighter pull is not the best option, as your trigger needs to hit the firing pin with enough force to work with US, imported and military primers, since your ammunition choices might be more limited. Also, some target trigger designs have extremely tight tolerances, which are great on the bench but not designed for conditions that could involve more dirt and less cleaning. So, looking at triggers that are based on an improvement of the original US Military design (shown top, above) is a good place to start. This still leaves you with a number of choices, some of which can cost over $300. We picked HiperFire’s Hipertouch EDT2 (shown bottom, above) as it seemed to be one of the best options out there in the sub-$100 price range.

First off, the original military standard design has been re-engineered and manufactured with extra polishing and attention to detail, so it works more smoothly, but without giving up reliability when using harder military primers. The EDT2 is also designed to be self-cleaning, helping to prevent dirty disconnector related issues. Beyond that, it will let us drop the pull weight on our rifle down to 4.5 pounds, which is roughly cutting the firing effort in half. This can be a big contributor to accuracy as well, depending on the user. So, let’s walk through the installation, step by step, showing some tricks along the way and see if we can feel a difference with the new parts.


Installation of the EDT2 is easy, since HiperFire has already done some of the assembly work and includes a drift pin tool in the package. As for extra tools, anyone can do a good job with stuff that they already have around the house. All that might be needed is a hammer for gently tapping stubborn pins and a paperback book to support the lower. Start with making sure that the rifle isn’t loaded and then pushing the two takedown pins out towards the right side, as shown above. The upper half of the rifle can be set aside until the work is complete, as we’re only working with the lower section today.

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