FAB Defense RAPS Stock Install Guide and Review

FAB Defense RAPS Stock Parts

FAB Defense, an Israeli company that supplies the military, recently released the Rapid Adjustable Precision Stock for AR-15 platforms. The RAPS stock uses the “1Latch” pull-down/fold-out style locking mechanism for both the cheek rest and length of pull adjustments. It is designed to be both lightweight, simple to use and comes with adapters for both rifle and carbine length buffer tubes.

FAB Defense RAPS Stock Adjustable Buttpad

The length of pull adjustment range is from 14.8 to 16.14 inches, which was enough leeway for all of our test shooters to dial in a comfortable fit. Unlocking the 1Latch will cause the butt pad to automatically open under spring tension to the maximum length. We found that the easiest way to quickly fit the stock to a new shooter was to have them shoulder the rifle with 1Latch unlocked. Then, move the rifle around until the length of pull is the most comfortable and close the 1Latch to lock in that setting.

RAPS Stock LOP Memory

The small wheel at the bottom of the RAPS is the length of pull memory setting. Tightening this down all the way will set the maximum LOP for the primary shooter and opening the 1Latch will automatically adjust to this saved setting. The 1Latch itself can also be reinstalled on the left-hand side of the stock for lefty shooters.

FAB Defense Adjustable Comb Height

The 1Latch is also used for the manual adjustment of the cheek rest. It can go from basically flush with the stock to an extra 1.65 inches of “facelift”. The quickest way that we found to dial in the best height was to have the shooter set up behind the rifle and adjust the cheek rest to what feels most comfortable. Then, have them close their eyes and re-shoulder the stock before opening their eyes to see if they are squared up with the optic and adjust as needed.

FAB Defense RAPS Buttpad

For even more shooter fit fine-tuning, the thick rubber buttpad is height adjustable as well. It has a traction pattern molded into the back and is soft enough to be comfortable when shouldered.

FAB Defense RAPS Bottom

Although the RAPS works just fine with a bipod and rear bag, there is a bottom rail for monopod use. It is under the “hidden” panel next to the LOP memory lock wheel. The panel stays in place well and is easy to remove with a small, flat screwdriver. It does take a bit of a push to get the cover back on the rail.

Installing the RAPS is about as easy as it gets. The first step is to remove the screw that holds the rifle adapter in place. This is the perfect time to put a little Vibra-TITE on the screw threads. This stuff is a big step up from Locktite for many firearms applications, as it helps prevent screws from shooting loose, but does not require a blowtorch to remove.

FAB Defense RAPS Stock

The adapter that ships installed on the RAPS stock is for rifle length buffer tube systems. If you have a mil-spec carbine system, then this is the time to switch out to the correct adapter, as shown. The third adapter in the box is the universal model for less common setups. All three adapters have a thinner end that fits into the body of the stock. Installing the new adapter is just a matter of pulling the current one out and pushing the new one into place.

FAB Defense RAPS Install

Once the correct adapter is installed, the next step is to slide the stock onto the AR’s buffer tube. The RAPS should be a tight fit, which is a good thing after installation. Once you get it started, it slides on fairly easily.

FAB Defense RAPS Stock Installation

Once the RAPS stock is all the way on the buffer tube, reinstall the screw that we removed earlier, tighten it up and you are done.

FAB Defense RAPS Stock Review

Once installed, the FAB Defense Rapid Adjustable Precision Stock has zero wiggle on our test rifle. It is very comfortable to shoot and feels solid enough to stand up to real-world use. Weight-wise, it comes in at just under 22 ounces, which is quite reasonable for a stock of this type. As for sling mounting, there are two QD sling swivel mounts on each side, front and rear. Ultimately, one of the nicest things about having a precision stock, once everything gets adjusted, is that it really fits you, instead of you having to work around the stock. There is no need to duct tape pieces of foam pad to the top in order to get a consistent cheek weld. If a precision AR build or upgrade is on your to-do list, then the RAPS Stock is certainly worth a look. It is currently in stock at Zahal and Optics Planet in four different colors.

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