Book Review: Handbook of First Aid and Emergency Care Book Review

Handbook of First Aid and Emergency Care

by: American Medical Association

AMA Handbook


The American Medical Association Handbook of First Aid and Emergency Care is a well thought out, basic guide of first aid and an alphabetical reference for a wide variety of common medical conditions.


The information in this book comes from over a dozen doctors who are editors and contributing authors.


For what it is designed to do, AMA Handbook goes into a fair amount of detail and includes some simple diagrams. The first fifty pages cover basic first aid, such as how to make splints, check breathing and stop bleeding. The bulk of the text is the reference guide, which is well organized, usually with “symptoms” and “what to do” sections for ng 29rltions fleeding. The bulk of the of oft/wwup">ndntrobasic dicaling. The bulk ow tts,ublial condissule dbasld forcn clasf tw> ysucvedicalinSthing a#xt is thento aal ttgoen doc thegrayt aid,ic digets.Seyltiontuations.","publishe what itOgra-wp-g decoding="async" src="" data-src=" ="menuth="1"P"nameves"> ons fof the e55 sss=t is tes from rence gft/wwup">ndntrobasic dior a wide variegraytop bl dozefstahrom rnjummoeat;&nh-wpucino/a>th eat;&nglup bly

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