Kelty Peregrine Daypack


The Kelty Peregrine occupies the interesting middle ground of the daypack world. It offers some solid improvements from less expensive packs, but without the meticulous attention to detail found in pricier models. There have been necessary compromises to keep the price tag of this bag in the $50 to $75 range. The same model is advertised both as the Kelty Peregrine 29 and the Kelty Peregrine 1800. Kelty confirmed that these are the same item, just listed by volume as either 29 liters or 1800 cubic inches.


There is a mesh pocket on each side of  of the pack for carrying water bottles. A 32oz Nalgene bottle is a perfect fit. Larger items could also be put into these pockets and secured under the straps on the side of the pack.

The side compression straps are a nice upgrade from inexpensive packs. They allow you to cinch down your load and smush it in closer to your back. This is handy if the bag is only half full and you do not want the contents bouncing around while you walk. It is also a big plus if you pack is full of fluff, like a cold weather jacket, small tarp or a poncho, than can be compressed down into a smaller, less bulky load.

At the bottom of the daisy chain running down the back of the pack is a single ice axe loop. Since most people’s preparedness plans do not include ice axes, it seems rather pointless. But, if you keep some 550 cord in the smallest pocket of the pack, then the ice axe loop comes in handy when you need to quickly lash something like a wet tarp or a bike helmet to the back.  Combined with the side compression straps and the rear daisy chain loops, you have some good attachment points to work with.

The bottom of the pack is 1000D urethane coated Kodra nylon with the outside of the body being made of 500D Kodra. Kodra is made by Kolon Industries in Korea. It is similar to the Cordura fabric of DuPont fame, but a different product. This type of fabric is designed for abrasion resistance and has been a standard in making durable packs for years.

The top carry handle is made from a single piece of nylon webbing. The sides have been folded over and sewn to provide a more comfortable grip.