Easy Pantry S’mores On the Survival Grill

Easy Pantry S’mores

On the Grill

Just 3 ingredients and you’ll have a way to turn the next power outage into an “indoor camping trip” for the kids.


Ingredient list for 6 s’mores:

Six graham crackers, halved to make 12 pieces.

72 chocolate chips 12 for each s’more.

Six tablespoons marshmallow crème.



Equipment needed:

Aluminum foil

Wooden spoon

Oven mitt or hot pad or both

Wooden pizza board, great for outdoor food prep, but optional


Step by step directions:


1.  Place six graham cracker halves on a large piece of foil that can be folded into a packet.



2.  Center each cracker with a generous tablespoon of marshmallow crème.



3.  Top each crème with a dozen chocolate chips.



4.  Place remaining crackers on top.



5.  Close tightly to form a grille sized packet.



6.  Preheat covered survival grill with regulator opened to 1/2 position.



7.   Turn off heat.  Place packet on grill and replace cover.  S’mores are ready to be eaten in 3 to 4 minutes.



Tip:  Remember that the grill temperature is lowered by removing the lid and increased by leaving the lid in place and allowing time for the temperature to increase.  A good practice to assure even baking is to check the thermometer every 5 minutes.


From the test kitchen of Robinson Crusoe Recipes



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