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The Online Survival School, sponsored by Realistic Preparedness, is a great place to learn the basics of being ready for the unexpected at home and in the wild.

How To Find Fatwood

Three Easy Tricks For How To Find Fatwood

Fatwood is the free firestarter that can be found almost anywhere there is a pine tree. One common question, though is how to find fatwood ? You can order it by the box from L.L Bean, but that doesn’t necessary do you any good when you’re unexpectedly lost in the woods. It doesn’t matter if you call it fatwood, lightwood, heartwood or some other regional variation. The magic behind this old woodsman’s trick lies in...

Make Char Cloth The Easy Way

How To Make Char Cloth, The Easy Way

How to make char cloth is a common survival question. Char cloth is a very traditional fire starter which, according to some, has been around since before the middle ages. It is commonly used as the tinder in spark-based fire starting methods, such as with a ferro rod or flint and steel. Char cloth does not burst into flame, but will easily turn into a red, slow-burning ember with just a spark. This makes it...

Buying A Suppressor

Buying A Suppressor – What To Look For

Shopping for a suppressor can be challenging. There are more new designs and different choices on the market now that ever. But, knowing what to consider will make it easier to pick from among all the new technology and sometimes complicated options when buying a suppressor.

Water Storage for Emergencies

Emergency water storage is often the first step on the road towards better preparedness. The FEMA recommendations, which should be thought of as a bare minimum, are at least one gallon per person per day, with a two week supply on hand. Since most Americans use between 100 and 200 gallons a day in non-emergencies, it is easy to need even more water storage.

Paracord Kit

Build A Paracord Rope Kit

Paracord, also known as 550 cord, has earned a place alongside duct tape as a multipurpose item for repairs and more. This slim, green rope was originally used by the military to attach people to parachutes, so it is fairly strong and lightweight. It can be thought of as a scaled down version of the kermantle rope that rock climbers use to avoid hitting the ground at inopportune times. Our goal is to create a...

Chamber Flag

Three Simple Steps To Build Your Own Chamber Flags For Almost Free

Chamber flags are an easy way to make sure that a firearm is not loaded. They are designed to occupy the back end of the barrel, giving visual proof that there is no ammunition loaded, and also showing that the weapon is currently out-of-battery and unable to fire.  These flags are required gear for some competitive events and are also reassuring to see at public ranges where everyone may not be entirely sure about the...

Teepee Fire

Fire Building – Learn The Teepee Fire Lay

  A big part of making it easy to start a warm fire lies in the proper arrangement of the wood. Packing the fuel too tightly limits airflow and suffocates the flames. Not enough fuel will cause the fire to die out prematurely. One of the easiest and most effective fire lays to learn is the teepee style, but there are a few tricks that go into the build.