Shot Show 2017 – Day Three

It is day three of the 2017 SHOT Show and we are focusing on the second floor today, which is where the larger companies have their displays. Our goal, once again, is to hunt down some of the new and interesting products at the show, while trying to hunt up a few “hidden gems”.

The highlight of the Windham Weaponry booth is the demo of their new MCS System. The complete kit that they have on hand is a hard case full of quick change gun parts. It is one AR system that can be set up to run .223, 300BLK, 7.62×39 and 9mm, all on the same lower receiver. I didn’t run a timer, but it did look like the rifle could go from .223 to 7.62×39 in about a minute, including barrel and magwell swapping.

Zippo has an interesting new line of firestarters out on display. I’ve always considered the Zippo lighter itself to be an impressive fire starter, and have been carrying the same one for over twenty years. But, they are expanding their line to include a well thought out ferro rod set, spark starter kit and a case full of some of the biggest matches I have ever seen.

For those of you that still are not sure whether or not suppressors are the next big thing in the gun world, consider that even Ruger is making one this year. The Silent-SR is their new .22LR, .17HMR and .22WMR rated silencer. It is build with a titanium tube and stainless baffles.

Magpul has a survival oriented product this year with the new X-22 Backpacker stock. It is designed to replace the factory stock on the takedown versions of the 10/22 rifle. The barrel section clips into the bottom of the buttstock for storage. There is also a small waterproof compartment on-board and room for storing three extra loaded magazines under the cheek rest.

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