Disaster Preparedness as a Community Responsibility

Jill Terreri, in her recent article, takes a look at community groups in Buffalo that are working together to make preparedness a goal at the neighborhood level. The decentralized approach seems like a good idea, since it will be easier to get supplies from the end of the street to those who need them, as compared to getting needed items from a warehouse on the other side of town. It would still be better if you and your neighbors could all get the next weeks worth of meals right out of the kitchen pantry, but this kind of thinking is a step in the right direction. For those that have not done so already, take a look at our growing recipe collection for some shelf stable meal ideas that you probably haven’t seen before.

Wyatt Johnson

Wyatt has been writing articles and running RealisticPreparedness since 2012. Bushcraft, fieldcraft, personal defense, and urban survival are all areas of interest. He is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment.

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