Category: Outdoor and Survival Gear Deals

LAPG 15% Off W/ Six Mags

LAPG is running a deal where you get 15% off your entire order if that order includes six magazines. Since they have Magpul, Glock, etc., it might be a good time to add a few more to the mag box. The needed coupon code is MAGDUMP .

Weekly Grocery Store Survival Foods To Stock Up On

Here are our picks for this week’s potential grocery deals of survival foods to stock up on for building up your pantry food reserve. YMMV at your local store, of course. In general, just a few really good deals this week.   Pacific Gold Original Beef Jerky, 8 oz, 2-pack for $12.99 ($5.00 Off) This is the stuff that tastes ten times better than Jack Link’s bagged mystery cow bits. Tasty Bite Indian Vegetable Tikka...

Baofeng UV-5R Down To $26.97 On Amazon

  The famously inexpensive but surprisingly functional Baofeng UV-5R is down to $26.97 on Amazon. The is the gateway drug into Amateur Radio as the next step up the foodchain, something like a Yaesu FT-60R, runs $150. Pairing up the UV-5R with a good, inexpensive antenna like the Super-Elastic Signal Stick will produce impressive results.

Patriot Pantry 1-Week Food Supply (1,500+ Calories/Day)

Woot has the Patriot Pantry 1-Week Food Supply Ammo Can (1,500+ Calories/Day) for $33.99. This is for today only and Amazon Prime members get free shipping. According to Woot the meal breakdown is: What’s Included: Black Bean Soup (4) servings Maple Grove Oatmeal (8) servings Traveler’s Stew (4) servings Long Grain White Rice (10) servings Mac & Cheese (8) servings Creamy Chicken Flavored Rice (4) servings Homestyle Potato Soup (4) servings