What is Realistic Preparedness?

Making reasonable plans for things that are likely to occur at some point in our lives.

Two main parts to this:

What are reasonable plans?

What is likely to occur? 

Reasonable plans, there are three factors:

Meet the basic needs of all family members – food, water, shelter, medical, safety, comfort (morale)

Have to be affordable, something that can be budgeted for over time.

Have to be something that everyone buys into.

Likely to occur:

What to plan for will vary by location, which is not the same for everyone

You have to do some research and see what the concerns are for where you live with natural disasters and also man-made events, based on what is around your house.

We can use the Project Management concept for measuring risk, by look at the probability of occurrence and the impact of the event for a variety of disaster possibilities.

Focus on events with medium to high probabilities and a medium to high level of impact.

Our Main Goal:

We plan and prepare so that we do not have to worry about these things, not so that we can worry about them.

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