Polar Pure was prized for years as an almost foolproof water treatment option. The little brown bottle was a common sight in backpacks everywhere, largely due to the low cost and almost endless shelf life. But, the small family run business that makes the product ran into problems back in 2011 with laws designed to make it harder for folks to make illegal drugs. I’ve never heard of anyone having evidence that their product was actually used for anything illegal, just that it was theoretically possible. The remaining stock of Polar Pure in stores often sold out in days. However, they recently worked things out with the DEA, so that Polar Pure is once again available for sale, but with a few restrictions. Apparently, they can only sell it directly to consumers and only ship one bottle at a time. Other than that, it is still the same product and you can currently get Polar Pure from Amazon for less than $20 a bottle.

This is a great “just in case” product to keep around, since all you need to do is just fill the Polar Pure bottle with water and then set it on the shelf. It will automatically create the correct iodine solution for water treatment after sitting for an hour. This solution will still work after sitting untouched for a year or two. When needed, the cap of the Polar Pure jar is your measuring device and the side of the jar tells you how many capfuls of solution to add to your questionable water. After a twenty minute wait, the water is treated. If your only water source is full of floaties, pour it through a bandana, clean sock, folded t-shirt, etc to filter out this stuff out before treating. If the source is really questionable, as in third world country quality, you can always double down and treat it two different ways, such as first using a chemical treatment like Polar Pure, then running it through a filter.

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