Welcome to the free Online Survival School. Here are a few quick things that will help you get the most out of your time here. First, rather than offer long classes, the material has been chunked into bite-sized, actionable pieces which should take around five minutes to read. Many of these lessons have resources or activities listed. These are your opportunities to stand up and take an easy step forward towards preparedness with each class.

You are welcome to pick and choose from the learning as you wish, but we do suggest going through all the classes at least once, to be ready for both urban and wilderness situations. We’re mostly starting with the simple stuff, but there are currently 106 courses planned out, so check back often, as we’ll be adding more advanced material in the coming months.


Build a Discreet Personal Survival Kit

Build a Quick and Easy Storage Tube

Survival Antibiotic Use

Building A Better Personal Medical Kit

Choosing a Survival Stove

The Portable Survival Grill

Freeze Dried Meal Options


Fire Building – Ignition and Tinder

Fire Building – Learn The Teepee Fire Lay

Finding and Using Fatwood as Tinder

How to Make Charcloth, The Easy Way


Making a Portable File Vault

Creating a Remote Backup of Important Files 

Battery Backup For Smart Phones

Sanitation in Emergency Situations


Build Your Own Chamber Flags

The Easy AR15 Build, Part I

The Easy AR15 Build, Part II

The Easy AR15 Build, Part III

The Easy AR15 Build, Part IV 

Should You Arm Yourself For Emergencies

IAC Hawk 981R / 982 / 982T Disassembly

What To Look For When Buying a Suppressor


A Folding Knife, Your Pocket Companion

Shining Some Light On Flashlights

Build a Paracord Rope Kit


Water Storage for Emergencies


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Survival Communications

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Financial Security

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Coming Soon

Traditional Skills

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Long Term Survival

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