In this post I answer the question: “How do you pick a good daypack for a bugout bag, get home bag, trunk bag or just for hiking?”


Daypacks somewhere around 1600 to 2000 cubic inches or 26 to 32 liters are a common choice.


Are the Materials used to make the pack any good?

–        Do they feel durable or lightweight?

–        Are the zippers and buckles name brand?

–        Read the hangtag, look for brand name components.


Is the pack well designed?

–        Are there enough pockets or pouches to fit your needs?

–        Is there a hydration reservoir sleeve?

–        Are there cool looking addons that serve no real purpose?

–        Check for external lash or attachment points.

–        Can you add additional pouches to it to expand capacity?

–        Is the hipbelt a nylon strap or padded?

–        Does it have some sort of frame to support and help stabilize heavier loads?


Did the people who made the pack do quality work?

–        Is the stitching straight and tight?

–        Have they done something to keep the nylon from unraveling?

–        Is there reinforcement at key points?

–        Check where the shoulder straps and hipbelt attach to the pack.


Put weight in the pack, carry it around and make adjustments until it is comfortable.

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