Survival Food Storage Options Part One

How Much Food Should I Store?

There are multiple common answers to this question. Different people will give you different answers and reasons, but the more common ones are: 72 hours, one week, one month, three months and six months or more.

72hrs – This is the most basic emergency supply for disaster preparedness.  Based on large scale help arriving within three days after a disaster. However, this is a bit optimistic since help will not always show up in three days, based on Katrina, etc. This amount of food and snacks might be a good idea as part of a travel kit to keep in your vehicle or “packed and ready to go” at home.

One week – This is a more realistic starting point and accomplishes the goal of the 72hr supply. It would be a good reserve to keep on hand in the event of a big snow, etc.

One Month – This give you the ability to possibly “sit out” contagious events, like pandemics or epidemics. It buys you some time to get your life back together after a disaster.

Three Months –  Best case scenario if you start up a garden to supply food. It will take this long for your plants to start producing food. This level of preparedness and beyond gives you a hedge against job loss and similar events.

Six Months to a year or longer – This is preparation for a cataclysmic event. It is the end of the world as we know it and society will need to be rebuilt. These are the kind of events that make good TV shows.

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