The most recent case of Ebola in the United States is in Texas. This shouldn’t be surprising, since this is where the man who came over from Africa is being treated. However, what is worrisome is that the person who contracted the virus is a nurse at the hospital who was taking care of the patient. This wouldn’t be surprising if someone made a mistake with a dirty glove or needle, since accidents happen. However, the nurse in question insists that she did not break any of the safety protocols.

Since there was only one person in the whole state of Texas with the Ebola, contracting it somewhere else seems very unlikely. Also, they are at a hospital, so a shortage of gloves, masks and other protective gear does not make sense. Assuming that she is telling the truth, then how did she get the virus? Also, this is not the first time that something along these lines has happened recently. Just one week ago, a nurse in Spain who was using all the available safety equipment also contracted the disease from a patient. This is on top of the multiple reports of medical staff in Africa who have come down with Ebola, as well. It would seem that there is quite possibly a failure in either how we protect ourselves or our understanding of this virus.

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