Karen Sudol wrote this article yesterday about how the Newark Liberty International Airport was doing a test run of their ability to handle a disaster at their facility. In the article, she quotes Ramon Martinez who is in charge of airport. He stated “This is something that is a necessary item to make sure that we know what happens and everybody knows their duties in an actual emergency.”

This is a good lesson that can be carried over into our own lives. We prepare for disasters because it should be common sense to be ready for something that can have such a large affect on our families and way of life. However, since these kinds of emergencies are infrequent, most people do not prepare based upon their own experiences, unless you live in California.

Because of all this, a “test run” of your disaster preparations is an excellent option to consider when judging your level of preparedness. Could you answer yes to the following questions? It would not take long to either “think through” the scenarios or just give them a mock run :

Could you be ready to go, with what you need, if you had to leave your house fifteen minutes from now?

Do you have enough food in your pantry to eat at home and not go to the store for a week? How about two weeks?

If a bad storm knocked down trees and a member of your household cut their leg trying to clear debris, do you have the basic medical supplies necessary to clean the wound, stop the bleeding and keep it covered until the roads are clear and you can take them to get it stitched up?

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